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Message From The Founder

We complete ten years in 2016. This is a moment to thank all our clients, learning partners, friends who trusted us and partnered with us in their learning and change journey. We got enriched with our partnership and kept growing from strength to strength with every transformational experience. Every workshop, big or small, every coaching experience whether it was group or individual helped us reflect internally, sharpening our understanding about behaviour change thus enriching our resources.

We learnt that while a handful of committed driven individuals can impact change, at the same time for a sustainable change and culture building to happen in an organization, the whole system has to be aligned and engaged.

As a result we have redesigned our curriculum and approach that integrates this learning, needless to say ongoing development and improvement is a continuous process at Idam Learning.

Grateful to all our network associates and team members for being a part of this journey.

We are excited about the road ahead.

Uma Arora





  • “We ran a MBTI assessment and discovery session with Uma for the leadership team. Very well thought out and executed and at a time when the business really needed it. Knowledgeable, articulate and a great facilitator. Highly recommended.”

    Pronam Chatterjee BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • “The sessions were fabulous, amazing and proved to be much above my expectations. I have been leading a team since many years but was lacking a mirror where I can see my skills, strengths and my weaknesses. The sessions have brought out all that I needed to become a good leader and people manager.”

    Hitesh Chandel Global Logic
  • “It is a very well designed program. My learning was – to start believing myself, how to handle customers and bring delight in every interaction that I am going to have. Lot of reality in the content and very much aligned to the daily work.”

    Pallavi Jain Bharti Airtel
  • “Believe in yourself and your peer. Learn by sharing. Love people, don't hate them for their act, just hate their act. Keep your word.”

    Deepak Jindal Freescale
  • “Learning is an on-going process and everyday we learn different things. We often form wrong motions about others, which hampers our thinking. The workshop has helped me overcome my misconceptions. The programs were interactive with lots of games, team participation, and brainstorming.”

    Shalini Bahari Chandra Hindustan Construction Company
  • “Workshop is excellent. I learnt different ways to understand myself and to manage team. I have learnt that if we want to change others, we need to change ourselves.”

    Vineet Kumar Keane Worldzen
  • “The program has taught me the definition of life and building confidence. I was low on confidence earlier, but now my thinking has changed. I need to look deep inside of me and actively utilize all the qualities and potential that was hidden so far.”

    Vishwa Mohan Bharati Airtel

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